One of Klipsch’s Google Speakers Is Half Off Right Now

When it comes to smart assistants, we like Google Assistant over Amazon’s Alexa here at WIRED. It’s easier to set up and is just better at answering voice questions, hands-free. A growing number of smart speakers and smart displays support it, too.

The Klipsch “The Three II” speaker costs $250 at Amazon right now. It was $574 and dropped down to $300 around March. Now it’s the lowest we’ve seen, and the Amazon price is about $150 cheaper than other major retailers like B&H. It’s now at a much more reasonable price for its size and hands-free Google Assistant capabilities.

The Three speaker is one of the most expensive smart speakers we’ve seen, but it has a great retro style. If you have the space for its boxy design—it’s about 13.7 inches wide by 7 inches tall by 8 inches deep—it will look nice in any room of your house. It’s made of real wood veneer (unless you get the black version), with a sleek metal knob and switches that give it a vintage feel and are satisfyingly tactile—something that you don’t get with the buttonless speakers like the Google Home or Mini. Its sound isn’t vintage, with two drivers and a woofer, and a 60 watt amplifier. There’s dual microphones on top for when you need to talk to it, but you can turn it off when you don’t want it listening.

If even a discounted Klipsch is a little too spendy for you, we’ve tested a bunch of Google Assistant-connected speakers.

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