The Gear That’s Getting Us Through Quarantine

And eventually, what I want to do is, make all of that stuff automated. So I have a chill out scene, or a chill out routine, that I don’t need to trigger. It’ll just go, at bedtime. But, turning my bedroom into this kind of sleep oasis, that I can just enter and immediately be drowsy is, that’s my thing. I’m really here, for that.

MC: So, do you make this scene happen with a tap on your smartphone, or do you use a voice command?

AH: With a tap on my smartphone. I could use a voice command, we are a Google Assistant house, but Google listens a lot. And listens a lot, when I’m not talking to it. So, I don’t want to risk voice commands, just yet.

MC: And also, I have to ask. What is the temperature setting that you go for, when you sleep?

AH: Ooh. Oh, this is controversial.

MC: Yes.

AH: 65 degrees.

MC: My man.

AH: Yes. I like it extremely cold.

MC: Yes. Dead ass cold.

AH: Absolutely.

MC: Is the only, is the appropriate temperature for sleeping.

AH: Nope, if the temperature is above 70 something in my room, I can’t sleep. I’m starting to toss and turn, and I will throw the blankets off.

AS: What I need is a lock screen on my computer, or on my phone or something. Because my big problem with going to sleep is logging on to Facebook or Twitter, or something. And then reading one thing at 11:30 p.m., that has me completely enraged, and then prowling around my house for the next three hours. I’ll be like, “Can you believe what this person from high school said?” That is, yeah. I think the new Apple Watch has a lockdown setting that will just stop you from using your devices, after a certain time. So I think that would be, that’s the thing that I want, to help me go to sleep. But I don’t know if it’s out there, yet.

MC: There’s also that thing that, what is it called? Oh, yeah. Discipline.

AS: It’s right there, Mike. The phone is just, right there.

MC: Well, why don’t you give us your life hack, Adrienne.

AS: OK. My life hack was, meal planning. And I also went out and bought a thing. So, we were in pretty strict lockdown, for about a month. There were four of us, my husband and my two kids. And my kids eat five times a day. And we were trying to not go to the grocery store more than once a week, and it was just turning into this huge mess.

So, about a week after lockdown started, I bought two whiteboards and I have one white board, right now, for my shopping list. And another white board, where I plot out each meal per day, per week. So I have to write it all down, and that way, I can make sure that I have everything I need for the whole week to feed everybody in my house.

I’ve also been experimenting with a couple of different meal planning apps, like eMeals and Mealime, which helped you put this all on your phone. But the website that I like right now is called Eat Your Books. I think it was reviewed by one of our other writers, Joe Ray, and basically, enter in every single one of your three million cookbooks into a website. And then, you can search by ingredient or recipe, and just pull out the recipe that you were thinking of. Because I’m always getting the chicken thighs from Epicurious, versus other chicken thighs recipes, mixed up. And just having them all in one place to look up, when I need to cook dinner, has been a really big help. And, if I don’t hate all food by the end of this, that will be my major success at the end of this pandemic, because food is just such a pain right now.

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