11 Best Mattress Sales and Deals for Labor Day (2020)

A comfortable, restful night’s sleep is important, especially when we’re dealing with the effects of a global pandemic, social distancing, and quarantine during our waking hours. Lucky for you, our reviewers have lounged on, jumped on, and slept on more than 30 of the top memory foam and hybrid (individually wrapped springs + foam) mattresses you can order online to find the best options. You can read all about our testing in WIRED’s Best Mattress You Can Buy in a Box guide.

If you’re ready to hit the sheets on a new bed, Labor Day weekend (and a few days prior) is a particularly good time to snag a discount on a new bed in a box. Almost all of our picks are on sale this year. The discounts aren’t bed-breaking, but they are better than we normally see. All prices here are for queen size mattresses. Smaller and larger sizes are also discounted.

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Top Mattress Deals

Helix Midnight Luxe

Photograph: Helix Sleep

Best Luxury Mattress

Helix Midnight Luxe Hybrid for $1,599 ($200 off)

Use the code LDS200 at checkout for this discount on the queen-sized Luxe. This Helix has a plush top with just the right amount of cushioning, thanks to a variety of high-quality foams and a bed of individually wrapped springs under them. It’s one of the most comfortable beds we’ve used, and it’s worth the extra cost if your budget can handle it. The box also comes with two free pillows. If you order a size smaller than queen, use the code LDS150 for a $150 discount, and if it’s cheaper than $1,250, usethe code LDS100 for a $100 price cut.

Allswell Supreme

Photograph: Allswell

Best Mattress Under $1,000

Allswell Supreme Hybrid for $837 ($147 off)


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