Android Auto Dual-SIM Support Finally Rolling Out to Let Users Pick SIM While Placing Calls: Report

Android Auto is finally receiving support for dual-SIM smartphones in the form of an update to the app, as per a user report. Android Auto lets users connect their phones to compatible vehicles that support the software to place calls, stream music, and access other apps via the screen on the automotive head unit. Google seems to be updating the Android Auto app to work properly with dual-SIM devices, fixing a bug that has existed since the service was launched in 2015. This will make it easier for users to place a call while driving.

While Google has been updating Android Auto with useful features and functionality over the past six years, the app has had one major inconvenience for users with dual-SIM smartphones. Users with dual-SIM phones who tried to place calls via Android Auto would not be able to pick the SIM they want to use to place the call. Android Auto would automatically select the default SIM. But a Reddit user has now spotted that the latest version of Android Auto has finally resolved this issue, asking users to pick a SIM while placing calls from a dual-SIM phone.

An image of the Android Auto dual SIM picker shared by a Reddit user
Photo Credit: Reddit/ abhi050291

Attempting to place a call will now apparently present a pop-up asking the user to pick between SIM 1 and SIM 2, resolving an issue that has existed since 2015 when the service was launched. The update was expected earlier this year after Google reportedly stated a fix was coming in September, but the fix finally appears to be rolling out now.

Users who update to the latest version of Android Auto from Google Play (or version 7.1.614554) might be able to gain access to the new dual-SIM support on Android Auto, based on information shared by the user. The Reddit post mentions that the user is enrolled in the beta program, so it is possible that the fix dpes not immediately roll out to users even if they have updated to the latest version of the app.

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