WhatsApp Testing Feature to Show Estimated Time of Arrival for File Sharing, New Drawing Tools

WhatsApp is found to be testing an ability to let users view the estimated time of arrival (ETA) when sharing files through the instant messaging app. The new feature is said to be in beta testing for Android, iOS, and Web users. It is quite useful in case users are sharing large-size files on WhatsApp. Separately, WhatsApp has been beta testing new drawing tools for iOS users. The tools appear to include two new pencils to help enhance drawing experiences.

As reported by WhatsApp beta tracker WABetaInfo, WhatsApp has been rolling out the file sharing ETA feature for testers through its beta releases version on Android, on iOS, and version 2.2209.3 on desktops. The feature is said to be available on desktop since last month and is now rolling out to some beta testers on Android and iOS.

WABetaInfo has also shared a screenshot where a new ETA label is visible just below the file name — alongside the percentage status suggesting how much of the file has been uploaded for sharing.

WhatsApp is seen beta testing a new file sharing ETA feature
Photo Credit: WABetaInfo


The ability to show ETA is helpful if you’re sharing a large-size file to your contacts.

WhatsApp normally allows users to share files of up to 16MB in size across all platforms. However, it is said to be testing to increase that limit to up to 2GB — in line with what Telegram introduced in 2020. The increased file size limit is, though, limited to some beta testers in Argentina at the moment, as per WABetaInfo.

In addition to the file sharing ETA, WhatsApp is beta testing new drawing tools on iOS. These tools are a part of WhatsApp for iOS beta version, though not all beta testers are able to see them at this time, according to WABetaInfo.

The new tools include two pencils that are sharpened over the default marker. WhatsApp has also moved the existing blur tool to the bottom bar where the two new pencils are available alongside the existing marker. The blur tool is available under the colour bar on the public release of WhatsApp for the iPhone.

whatsapp drawing tools ios wabetainfo WhatsApp

WhatsApp beta testers on iOS are getting new drawing tools
Photo Credit: WABetaInfo


WhatsApp is said to bring the new drawing tools to its Android beta testers as well.

Exact details on when the new ETA feature and drawing tools will be available to users through a public release are yet to be revealed.

Recent beta releases suggested that WhatsApp is disabling automatic saving of media files to gallery or camera roll for disappearing chats, working on new message reactions for Android users, and testing the archived chats feature on Windows. The app also recently introduced a series of updates to its voice message experience. Those updates include out of chat playback support as well as the ability to pick up voice messages where you left off.


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