How to Set Your Own Default Browser and Email App in iOS 14

Brave does not support the feature yet, though the developers have noted that the next version will, and it is just waiting to be approved by Apple. We’ve also confirmed that Opera Touch, Firefox Focus, UC Browser, Dolphin, and Ghostery are not supported at this time, though we hope to see more appear soon.

How to Set Your Default Email App in iOS 14

Choosing a default email app works just like choosing a default browser: After updating to iOS 14, you can open iOS’ settings, scroll down to your list of apps, and find the app you want to set as default. Tap it, and if it supports the feature, it’ll have a Default Mail App button, which you can tap to choose your desired mail client.

Right now, the following mail clients can be set as the default in iOS 14:

Many email apps have not yet integrated this feature, including Gmail, Boxer, Edison Mail, Newton, ProtonMail, Canary, Twobird, Triage, and Spike—though hopefully they’ll come soon.

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