Food Court/Waiting Area – OffScreen on PVR Kumar Pacific Mall Katad Khana

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WeeksFood Court/Waiting Area comprises the following options. i3Standee: Standees will be placed in the lobby area of the cinema premises.. ii3 Audi-door branding: Advertisement will be displayed on Audi Door which are placed in Lobby and Exit. iii3 Pillar Branding: Advertisements/Posters placed on the pillars inside the theatre. iv3Washroom Branding: Advertisements are placed inside the washroom. v3 v3Digital Plasma (Video/Still3: The advertisement is displayed on the Digital Plasma screens placed in the common area/lounge area of all the Audis. . vi3 Gate Arc: Advertisement will be displayed on the Gate Arc placed at the entrance of the Cinema Hall. vii3Kiosk: A stand alone booth manned by a person or two advertising a product.Rack Rate 14500 / Per WeekTMA OfferLogin To ViewMin Billing 13050Customize & Get QuoteMin Billing 13050Customize & Get Quote