The 6 Best TVs for Every Budget (2020): TCL, Samsung, LG

We love the deep black levels offered by LG’s OLED models, but if money was no object, we’d buy Samsung’s 2019 flagship model, the Q900R. It has an astonishing 8K display (the first to hit the market), full-array local dimming for deeper blacks, and an amazingly wide viewing angle for bigger rooms. We also love that it has AMD’s FreeSync technology, which makes games look smoother.

You might not be able to find any 8K content for the time being (honestly, it’s still hard to find a lot of 4K content), but if you’re looking to buy an amazing, (somewhat) future-proof TV for the coming 8K era, the Q900R is the best you’ll find.

Samsung has a new flagship for 2020, the Q950TS, but we’ve only seen it in person for a few minutes so far. For now, we’ll let the reigning champ keep the title, but with built-in surround sound, tiny bezels, and staggeringly adept upscaling, we imagine the Q950TS will soon take its place as the crazy expensive TV to beat.

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