Wish List 2020: 45 Gift Ideas for Your Social Bubble and Beyond

Who doesn’t need to escape the real world now and then? The Oculus Quest 2 has a totally wirefree design—there’s no gaming PC required, though you can plug it in to go ultra-high-end. That mobile-mindedness makes the whole setup smaller, less complicated, and, at just over a pound, lighter than other VR rigs. Previous-gen headsets relied on sensors hanging all over the room to track your movements, but the Quest 2 keeps tabs on your direction and position without any outside help. The Oculus Quest Store has over 170 games, including standouts like Moss and Beat Saber.

Staff Pick: “You’ll need a Facebook account to use it, but the Quest 2 is a great way to take a break from our current reality.” —Jess Grey


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